The School of Biological Sciences’ Press Gang aims to encourage communication and interaction between the researchers in the School and the media and general public. We are a group of students and staff who aim to act as liaison between researchers within the School, University Press Office and other organisations that can promote and communicate research findings.

We help to identify and promote the communication of scientific breakthroughs and discoveries that are of interest to the public. In particular we aim to help local and national news media to report on our research. Our work focuses on helping researchers within the School to communicate their science, but we are happy to receive enquiries from members of the public and the media, as well as from schools and other educational or community organisations.

For more information on what we do, who we are and how to get in touch and some ways you could start communicating your research to the wider public, click on the links to the pages above.

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Recent press coverage promoting SBS research:

  • Prof Robin Allshire shows traits passed between generations are not decided solely by DNA - picked up by The Herald
  • Dietmar Zaiss' study on midge response in Shetland ponies offers clues to curbing allergies - picked up by BBC Online
  • Parasite infection poses greatest risk for African under-fives, says Dr Francisca Mutapi - picked up by Science Daily


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