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Great science activities at various places in Midlothian, appealing to a large diverse audience of all ages and backgrounds, from professionals to novices, from science enthusiasts to the merely curious. Have a look at the program!

  • SBS logo
    An overview of public engagement projects that are of interest to Biologists.
  • ASCUS logo
    ASCUS is run by volunteers and aims to develop and support an open platform that inspires artistic and scientific practice through transdisciplinary collaboration.

  • Beltane supports staff and students through formal and informal learning programmes, fellowships, and opportunities to engage.
  • BioPod logo
    Listen to exciting new research and the latest news from the School of Biological Sciences through their website.
  • Biodocsoc logo
    A society that brings researchers in the School of Biological Sciences together, providing events on career development and a forum for social interaction.
  • Bright Club logo
    Academics from Scotland’s university transform their research into stand-up comedy. A new group of academics participate as part of regular shows in Edinburg hand Glasgow.
  • CIIE logo
    This interdisciplinary Centre captures the full potential for synergy between molecular, genetic, mathematical and evolutionary biologists in addressing the major challenges in global health today.
  •  EdinCell logo
    EdinCell aims to improve the communication of Genetics and Cell Biology research to the public and media via web based resources , links to research projects, profiles and interviews with scientists.
  •  EID logo
    EID is the organisational hub for infectious disease scientists in Edinburgh. They represent the strengths of infectious disease science in Edinburgh through e.g. symposia and outreach activities, and they provide infectious disease teaching and training at all levels within the University.
  • University of Edinburgh Press and Public Relations Office
    The PR Office is the main point of contact for journalists, offers advice on how to work with the media and helps staff and students to identify stories which may attract coverage and enhance the University's profile.
  • School of Biological Sciences Facebook Page
  • Graduate School of Biological Sciences Facebook Page
  • Research in a Nutshell – School of Biological Sciences
    Research in a Nutshell is an online collection of 1 minute videos introducing Edinburgh University academic staff and their research.
  •  SIBE logo
    SIBE aims to enhance engagement with biotechnology. SIBE develops educational resources for teachers and school students, runs biotechnology workshops in schools, organises exciting public science events and encourages and trains researchers to communicate their research to schools and the public.